Best Apple Watch 6 Bands

The Best Apple Watch 6 Bands

Best Straps to Match The Blue Edition of AppleWatch 6

Today, we are going to explore one of she’s local markets for AppleWatch accessories. I am looking for the best straps to match my new blue edition of AppleWatch six. The new straps that apple released with the apple watch six are already sold on the market here.

I found best straps to match my new blue edition of AppleWatch six they’re available in three different towers. I took the red one so later we can see how it looks on the watch. This, these are watch cases in different powers. I took one in silver. It’s an easy way to change the power of your watch. Guys. Check out the variety of watch bands. It’s amazing. And these are the new so-called solo band.

They’re available in many different sizes. These are the most tricky watch traps I have seen so far. You have to choose the right size or you won’t be able to use them. This market is really huge. I bought a bunch of goose traps, so let’s go to review them and see which ones best match the blue apple watch. Here we go.

These are the straps we will review today. There are different designs and powers. We have three stainless steel bands, the new leather design band, one sport loop, two of the new solo bands and one Supreme sport band. This is a Silicon case that I will use to change the power of the watch to match it with some of the straps.

Before we begin reviewing the straps. Let me tell you a few words about the new watch six, because I see a lot of comments in that say watch six is not worth upgrading. I can say that. Watch six is great. It’s super responsive. After using it for about a week, I can confirm that actually feels faster and more responsive than the apple watch five.

And most importantly, because it’s more energy efficient. I get better battery life. Although there is no major upgrade. It is still a better watch.

Sports Loops Strap

Now let’s dress this watch in some proper straps. First, we will try the sports loops strap. These are great straps. One of my favorite they’re very comfortable to wear and come in many different powers.

Also they’re very easy to place and remove. You can get a great power match with these straps. If you haven’t used them. I definitely recommend them. I think this blue sports trap is a great combo with the blue edition of the apple. Watch six.

This is another great strap that comes in many different towers. This one is light blue camouflage. They are very good for the summer as your wrist. Won’t sweat like with the Silicon band, this particular power is not available on the Apple website. However, they’re sought online on many websites.

I think this band is a pretty good match with the power of the watch. However, we have a few more to try out. So let’s continue with the next contender.

Apples Measuring System

As I said earlier, these are one of the most tricky bands for the apple watch. Many people complain that they can’t the correct size people order them online. And even with the help of the apples measuring system, they can get them, right.

It seems some people love them. Others hate them. I can say that I’m not a big fan of these traps, although they’re very stretchy. I do not find them easy to wear and remove.

However, they’re quite well attached to the wrist and can be quiet, useful for swimming or surfing when it comes to cos you can find some pretty good designs and you can get a great match for your watch.

/Users/coliApple Watch Measuring System

The markets are just starting to sell these new bands so we can expect some cool designs. Very soon. This next trap is one of the most expensive traps sold on the apple website. It cost 450 us dollars, same price.

As the watch itself at the local engine markets is about 10 bucks. I would say where the big difference, the space black link bracelet is a great looking strap for the apple watch. However, it adds extra weight to the watch.

So if you don’t like heavy watches on your wrist, it might not be for you. Other than that, it’s comfortable and good looking. It completely changes the look of the watch.


Supreme Sport Band

The next one has the same design, but it’s in silver. This is the silver link bracelet. This is a great looking strap. However, because the watches is blue. It doesn’t match that.

Well here you can see when the watch and the strap are bought in silver, it looks pretty cool. So now we will change the look of the watch with this silver Silicon case, and then see how it will look with the strap.

As you can see, the Silicon case changes the look of the watch completely, and now it looks really good. It’s a great combo. Indeed. The Silicon case also provides some level of protection to the watch.

Supreme Sport Apple Watch Band

So it not only changes the power of the watch, but also makes it better protected. The next is the Supreme sport band. This is something that you won’t find on Apple’s website.

This is great looking sports band, of course, red and blue matches very well. So this is definitely one of my favorite combos and last but not least, this is the all new leather link band.

This one is all magnetic and it’s very comfortable to wear here. You can see it in comparison with the old design. I definitely prefer the new one.

This is one of the most comfortable and easy to wear bands by far. It’s very easy to attach to your wrist and surprisingly, it stays very well secure in comparison with the solo bend, where you have to find your right size here.

You just enjoy it as it is. The magnets are pretty strong and you can always correct the size as you want. This is the strap that I recommend to everyone. You show try it. Apple did a very good job with this one.


So guys, if I have to pick up my three favorite straps, they will be the latter one, the Silicon sports bent and the camouflage stainless steel. However, my number one choice is the leather strap is very comfortable and easy to wear.

Also. I think it has a great looking design. Let me know in the comments, which one is your favorite pick? There will be a lot of new designs in the coming weeks.