Best Girls Apple Watch Band For Working Out

The Best Apple Watch Band for Working Out

Which Apple Strap Is Best For The Gym

So it’s been a little while since we have written about anything Apple Watch or fitness related. So we thought, Hey, it’s time. Let’s do it. Let’s talk about watch bands and working out.

Eight Bands & Six Categories.

Which one do you wear when you work out? which watch band do you wear when you work out, feel free to say why you use it. I go back and forth, but there’s one that I do have.

That’s one of the favorite ones that I think is the best watch band for working out in. So here’s the bands that I have. I have about eight bands here and I have like about five or six categories. I think that I’ve separated them into and I’m just gonna go through ’em and say, you know, this is why this one’s a good one, but this is the drawbacks of it, all that kind of stuff.

The Classic Sports Band

So let’s get started. First up is the classic, the sport band. These are great. You know, you don’t have to worry about really getting dirty. Any kind of dirt can just be cleaned right off of ’em.

The only big downside of these bands is they will collect sweat in between it and your wrist as you’re wearing it, it will get in there. And it kind of feels a little gross, but it’s super easy to clean after the fact next on the list is the sport loop. This was with Apple’s next attempt, really on a sport fan for the apple watch. I’ve not been a big fan of this.


Classic Apple Watch Sports Band


I did buy one. This is an official Apple one. I just made the mistake of getting one in white. I pretty much only used this for workouts. So I used it for, I don’t know how long I have washed it, but it just stays dirty looking.

Braided Loop Solo

I’m gonna go ahead and just categorize this one with the braided solo loop, cuz they’re both made of like the woven nylon. I love this one, this one. I am not a fan of. Even if this one was white, I still think I would like it more.

It’s just way more comfortable to wear. But the downside of these is you’re gonna have the same problem where you won’t have that sweat in between your wrist. But the reason why is because it’s all getting trapped in here for the most part.


Braided Solo Loop For The Gym

So to me, that’s really disgusting. As you can see, it will get dirty. Like you might not be able to see it. If it’s not a white one, I really don’t know what’s wrong with it. I’ve tried bleaching it.

I promise super comfortable, but it will absorb your sweat. So keep that in mind.

Cleaning The Band

You will have to wash this one. So cleaning process on this is much harder on either of these are much harder than the regular sport band from apple.

Solo Loop Band

I have two of them, but the same kind. It is the solo loop. The reason why I have two is cuz I have two different sizes. So this one, you get the benefits of the regular sport band to where it’s super easy to clean, dries, super fast.

You just kind of wipe it done. Good to go. The only real downside of this is like this. One’s a size eight and for me that’s good for day to day usage. But if it I’m working out, I may want my band to be a little tighter. So it’s not moving around at all.

Make sure I get that more accurate heart rate reading. So that’s why I have this one. This one’s a size seven. This one is super tight. I wouldn’t really wear

This one day to day, like all day long, but it works perfect for workout. So that’s the kind of downside of this. If you can’t find the right size or your wrist is just a little bit different, you might have some problems with that. Overall. Still a great option.

Don’t Want to Carry an Extra Band Around

Next up is if you’re going straight from the office straight to the gym, you don’t want to carry an extra band around. You want something that looks good while you’re in the office, but you also want to be able to work out in it. I have these third party options for you. T

his one’s made by Scrunchapples. And this one I think is a company called groove. Maybe groove made, I’ll put a link down below for both of these. These are leather bands. This one is pure, like, like a leather on the outside. This one is what they call active leather.

An Apple Strap For Swimming

So this one you could actually go swimming in. You’re not gonna hurt this leather at all during any of that looks great. This one you probably wouldn’t wanna swim in, but both of them have silicone on the inside.

So they’re gonna give you like full protection when you’re working out, you’re gonna have that same problem. You know, you’re gonna have the sweat stuck in between your wrist and your Watchman. But once again, you can clean this one. You can just throw this one in the sink and wash it real quick.

This one you might have to like take a towel or something and clean it out. Does have grooves. Both of ’em have grooves. This is has their like actual grooves to where the sweat’s supposed to get stuck in there and kind of flow out this one’s more just straight grooves, either way. Both of these are great options.

Nike sport band

If you’re going straight from the gym from somewhere where you need to look more classy or maybe right after the gym, you’re going straight to work and you don’t want to be wearing a sport band all day and you don’t wanna have to pack one great options. Last up is my favorite for working out and it’s from apple.

It is the Nike sport band. So you get those holes. This one has the holes all around it. It helps. It’s not perfect. You’re still gonna have that sweat getting trapped in there, but you have more breeze, more condition, more ways for just sweat to either get out or just keep your wrist a little more. Cool. I love this band.

This is my favorite one to work out in. I highly recommend if you haven’t tried one of these, it’s very lightweight feels great. I can’t say enough.

Perfect for Working Out

I’ve had this one for a while. These bands are perfect for working out. And the great thing about a workout band is you can just get one and be done with it. There you have it.

Those are the top bands to wear. When you work out, I hope you guys have found this article helpful.

I want to know what do you wear when you work out or even just what’s your favorite apple watch band in general? My favorite band right here. It is not a workout band. It is straight leather from a company called form function form. I’m gonna be doing a post on this one here soon, but that’s it for today.